The Videomaker Book of Forms

Book of Forms

Do you have all the forms you need to complete your video?

The Videomaker Complete Book of Forms is an important first step to making your vision a reality.
These forms present you with the right questions ahead of time so you can plan for success. There are 100s of details that need consideration when making a video. By utilizing these forms, you can make the best choices and avoid problems before they arise. When involving other people in your video project, the Videomaker Complete Book of Forms becomes an essential tool for communication. If you have other people investing time or money in your project, the use of these forms will boost their confidence in you as a professional.

There are 90 forms covering all areas of video production including:

Model Release Forms – Protect your hard work and earnings. Be prepared if one of the subjects in a video you’ve spent hours on creating decides that he or she does not want the video released. Don’t allow someone to hold your video for ransom by threatening a lawsuit if you do not pay them a large sum of money or give them a big percentage of the profits.

A Lighting Plot Form – Sure, you can wing it like some amateur videographers and hope that all the lighting equipment you tossed in your car is adequate. Your clients and talent, however; would prefer that you not waste their time while you figure out how to set up the lighting for your video.

Administrative Reports – These forms help you plan ahead and keep track of the time involved in creating your video projects. If you’re working with a team, or working for clients, these forms will help you stay on track and maintain the confidence of anyone who has an investment in your video project.

Maintenance Records – As your videography business grows, it’s very useful to keep a record of your equipment. These forms help you organize so you can save time on repairs and maintenance. These forms help you remember the important little details, so in the middle of a multi-camera shoot you don’t discover that your second tripod has a missing mount plate.

Script and Storyboard Forms – By using these forms you’re able to make important decisions regarding the setup of your audio and video before it’s time to shoot. Everyone you work with will appreciate the level of professionalism you portray when you use these forms.

Production Cost Forms – Avoid running over budget and out of money before completing your video. Know how much it’s going to cost to produce your video ahead of time. These production cost forms help you take all expenses into consideration so you’re not left with any surprises.

Location Survey and Scouting Reports – There are dozens of considerations to make when shooting at a new location. This checklist can prevent hours of delay caused by forgetting to take important factors into account. If you have someone serving as a scout, email or fax them these forms so you can get the information you need before arriving on location.

Shot Logs – Have you ever wasted time looking for a video clip while editing? When you’re ready to edit, shot logs become an essential guide to the inventory of footage that you have available.

Also included in the book of forms are Field equipment checklists, Production planning, Location surveys, Talent tips, Duplication forms, Labeling forms, Request forms and Production scheduling forms.

Don’t rely on your memory to plan and organize your production. When shooting video there are many things that demand your attention. The Videomaker Complete Book of Forms helps you with the details ahead of time so you can focus on making your video the best it can be.