Archival Storytelling

Archival Storytelling

Find Out How You Can Legally Include Other People’s Music,
Images, and Footage In Your Video.

“This is it, the book that will save you thousands of dollars and untold hours of frustration. It will be the single best purchase your production company will make. Archival Storytelling clearly explains the entire process of researching, acquiring and licensing archival footage and music. Included are time-tested tips and techniques for efficiently managing the work flow and negotiating rights.”

Ann Petrone, Archival Supervisor, The Fog of War

“Long overdue, this is the resource guide we’ve been waiting for. Connecting the nuts and bolts of the search for a shot with the current challenges of new media and fair use, Archival Storytelling brings the past right up to the present.”

Gail Dolgin, co-producer, Daughter from Danang and Summer of Love

One of the most challenging issues facing documentary makers today is the use of images and music that belong to someone else. The world is filled with rights-protected images and sounds. As a documentary maker, you need to know your rights. Archival Storytelling will clarify the terms copyright, fair use, public domain, and orphan works. By understanding these terms, you will be able to make intelligent choices regarding the use of images and sounds that are not of your own creation.

Copyright and fair use are constantly being debated in the courts. Archival Storytelling offers advice from filmmakers, archivists, film researchers, music supervisors, intellectual property experts, insurance executives and others. If you wish to attract potential investors or distributors, you need to be able to discuss these issues confidently. If people think there could be problem with a clip you included, they will not want to get involved with your project.

On the other hand, you don’t want to rule out including clips that would be perfect for your video because you do not know the legal issues involving ownership rights. Know your rights and what resources are available. Archival Storytelling explains how producers can obtain footage and photos inexpensively without opening themselves up to legal risks.

The cost of the book is only $36.95, the cost of not reading it could be devastating. You never know how popular your documentary will become or who’s wrath you might provoke by having used their material without permission. Archival Storytelling will help you understand the issues so you can get the video clips you need without creating a liability for yourself or your investors.