Video Ghost Hunting Using Video to Investigate Paranormal Activity

Video Ghost Hunting:
Using Video to Investigate Paranormal Activity

The world is full of mysteries. Some people believe that ghosts walk among us, others are more skeptical. Serious paranormal investigators use video to seek plausible explanations for strange phenomena. Could you find evidence of ghosts using video?

Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you or anyone you know ever seen a spook, specter or ghost? If so, then don’t waste another minute. Pick up the ghost and call the professionals… or better yet, become a professional yourself!

We’re all curious about the unexplained, so when we saw some of the most respected videographers in the Videomaker forums discussing the possibility of using video technology to research paranormal activity, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. We asked Bruce Paul, Investigator and Videographer for Tri-State Paranormal Research, to share his expertise on using video to explore and investigate reports of hauntings and strange goings-on. If you’ve ever considered using your video skills to seriously investigate the unexplained, then Videomaker‘s Video Ghost Hunting: Using Video to Investigate Paranormal Activity is exactly the resource created for you.

Video Ghost Hunting: Using Video to Investigate Paranormal Activity is a fun and informative guide for both curious videographers and serious ghost hunters. Ever wondered how you might capture video footage of a ghost or something stranger? Or what evidence it would take to convince you that you’d discovered something beyond mortal ken? We’ll show you how to handle video equipment during an investigation so that you won’t mistake mundane details or video artifacts for positive proof.

Video Ghost Hunting: Using Video to Investigate Paranormal Activity
Shows How Ghost Hunters Do It

Whether you’re looking for a fun Halloween activity or perhaps thinking of taking up a whole new career as a real-life ghostbuster, the basis for any sort of paranormal investigation is good solid video skills. We’ll show you the equipment you’ll need and the steps, so that you can get the most out of your search. We don’t promise that you’ll actually meet Caspar, but this is an essential guide to a fascinating activity.


  • The Essential Video Gear that Every Paranormal Investigator Needs.
  • What Do Paranormal Investigators Look for?
  • Know What You’re Looking at: How to Distinguish between common every-day occurrences and the truly unexplained.
  • Additional Resources

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