Ultimate Documentary eBook

documentary set

Get the knowledge you need to make the impossible dream possible.

We have taken our 3 most popular documentary eDocs and combined them into one eBook to create the Ultimate Documentary Guide.
This eBook walks you step-by-step from planning to distribution.

Producing a Documentary Part 1 – “Dream A Possible Dream.”

Do you have a compelling story to tell? Planning is the first step to creating your documentary and we’ll show you where to start.

In Part 1 Learn about:

  • Formulating a Plan
  • Finding Funding
  • Developing a compelling story
  • Dramatic Structure
  • Emotional Centers
  • Putting it Together, Bit by Bit

Producing a Documentary Part 2 – “Fulfillment of the Dream.”

Explore your vision. In this second part, we’ll take a look at details such as casting, shooting, sound, and more.

In Part 2 Learn about:

  • Casting
  • Sound Issues
  • Shooting
  • Conducting Interviews
  • B-roll

Producing a Documentary Part 3 – “Share the Dream.”

We’ll show you several different avenues to get your documentary out there! From film festivals to public TV and the Internet.

In Part 3 Learn about:

  • Public Television
  • Cable Distribution
  • Television Syndication
  • Using The Internet
  • Educational Video
  • Finding Funds for Distribution

Few communication forms have the power to reveal a unique perspective, capture imagination and even motivate change the way documentaries do. Your quest is a noble one. For only $29.95, this eBook will give you the knowledge you need to make it happen.