How to Make a Viral Video: 11 Tips to Create a YouTube Sensation

How to Make a Viral Video:
11 Tips to Create a YouTube Sensation

Viral videos have the potential to be seen by millions of viewers, but ensuring that your video ‘goes viral’ can be tricky. We’ll share some of the big secrets to viral success.

Every videographer dreams that their work will go viral, that they will shoot something that so speaks to people that it spreads like wildfire over the Internet. A viral video is a great way to bring attention to your business or show off your video-creating talents. And while it’s almost impossible to predict what will go viral, there are certain things that you can include in your videos to increase the odds that you’ll have a smash Internet hit on your hands.

A viral video is any video that becomes popular by being passed from person to person via the web. (It’s quite similar to a “meme,” which refers to any content that is passed along in the same manner.) Marketers, entertainers, and videographers spend a lot of time trying to create videos calculated to “go viral” sometimes with great success. One of the earliest examples from the early days of YouTube was Lonelygirl15, the supposedly-true-life adventures of a girl being pursued by a mysterious illuminati-like cabal. The video captured worldwide attention after it was revealed to be a hoax. You don’t need to invent an elaborate fictional universe to make a popular viral video, though.

How to Make a Viral Video: 11 Tips to Create a YouTube Sensation is the free report from Videomaker that will show you how to do it. It includes 11 proven tips for increasing the likelihood that your video will go viral. Learn the reasons behind the popularity of some of today’s hottest videos and how you can use the same ideas to catapult your own way to video stardom. There’s no telling what videos will take the Internet like wildfire, but we’ll show you some easy ways to better your chances of success.

Catch the Fever with How to Make a Viral Video: 11 Tips to Create a YouTube Sensation

Do viral videos have you scratching your head? What’s the appeal? And how can you get a piece of the action? In the free report How to Make a Viral Video: 11 Tips to Create a YouTube Sensation, we’ll answer some of the key questions that can help you to create a memetic masterpiece. Learn why videos of piano-playing cats, dramatic prairie dogs and poorly translated video games are all the rage these days!


  • What’s the best length for a viral video?
  • What techniques have worked in the past?
  • What’s the best way to hook viewers’ attention?
  • How can you play to your strengths to make the best video?
  • What makes people want to share videos with their networks?
  • How can you use people’s desire to “share” to promote your video?
  • Do you need to have a cat to have a perfect viral video?

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