How to Make a DIY Green Screen

You can build your own video green screen with some green fabric, some free green screen backgrounds, and a little know-how.

Green screens offer a wide range of flexibility and creativity when it comes to making videos. From news reports to epic battle scenes, having the option of producing a chroma key green screen has made special effects and camera tricks much more accessible to the aspiring filmmaker. In fact, with the innovation of green screen technology comes the possibility to have any subject in front of any type of background, whether it be free stock footage, a 3D animation graphic or even something else entirely that has been filmed by the movie-maker. Learning how to make a green screen is a vital step for any aspiring director who wants to add special effects to their videos.

While green screen effects are certainly something that every person interested in video should come to master, the truth of the matter is that most professional green screen kits available on the market today are quite expensive, especially for someone who is just beginning to play around with the technology. For this reason, one great alternative to purchasing professional green screen equipment is to actually make a DIY green screen at home (or wherever one is filming). While this might sound daunting at first, the truth of the matter is that hundreds of dollars can be saved by making video equipment instead of buying it, and in the case of green screens, almost anyone is capable of doing it.

Videomaker wants you to have the best information about the best green screen software and digital backgrounds for green screen, so we’ve put together a free report with everything that you need to know about DIY green screen. This free report has all the info that you’ll need to build a green screen in your own home, with helpful hints and recommendations for finding free green screen software and more.

Download How to Make a DIY Green Screen

You can buy a green screen or you can make one from scratch. In either case, getting a sheet of green fabric to hang behind your actor is the easy part. Now you have to understand how to insert a different background into the scene behind them so that you can create mesmerizing, convincing special effects. This free report explains exactly how to make a green screen, with special attention to the free software and backgrounds available for your use.


  • Required materials
  • Using green screens
  • Free green screen software
  • Chroma keying
  • Green screen backgrounds
  • Creating professional-level green screen effects at half the cost

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