Beyond 3-Point Lighting Bundle

Lighting EDoc Bundle

It’s Time to go Beyond the Basics with Your Video Lighting

Unless you only shoot video in one controlled environment with no special effects or emotional intent, it is essential you have a diverse set of lighting tricks up your sleeve. Do you want to shoot outdoors at night? Or add a background to your subjects in post-production? Or set a specific mood through stylized lighting?

Move beyond 3-point lighting

Every scene has its own special lighting challenges and sometimes 3-point lighting simply isn’t the solution. You need to be nimble when it comes to designing your lighting, and the more diverse your knowledge is, the better your video will look. While there is no substitute for experience, Videomaker can help you develop the skills you need, faster.

Title #1 – Specialty Lighting

Specialty LightingLighting can make or break the mood of your video. If you wish to evoke suspense, tension or romance, then traditional three-point lighting isn’t enough. In this eDoc, we will look at specialty lighting used to emphasize dramatic moments.Content includes:

  • High Key Versus Low Key
  • Chiaroscuro Lighting
  • Rembrandt Lighting
  • Cameo Lighting
  • Silhouette Lighting
  • Smoke Screen
  • Lighting Plots

Title #2 – Night Lighting

Night LightingNight lighting can be tricky, but when you get it right, the end result can be awesome. This eDoc looks at the basics of f-stops and lighting and how you can use that knowledge to create realistic and very dramatic lighting at night. It also covers shooting interiors while making it look like a gorgeous moonlit night. Content includes:

  • The Secrets of F-stops
  • Setting Up the Night Shot
  • Intimate Night Lighting
  • Night Lighting and the Long Shot
  • Fog Lighting
  • Gels
  • Estimating Set Up Times
  • Common Lighting Plots

Title #3 – Creating Shadows

Creating ShadowsShadows can be our friends if we learn a few simple techniques. Through matching the mood of your scene, controlling contrast and careful selection, placement and modification of your lighting instruments, you too can become a shadow master. Content includes:

  • Mood Matching
  • Controlling Contrast
  • Calculating Lighting Ratio
  • Light Selection and Placement
  • Modification
  • Cookies, Flags, Fingers and Cutters
  • Waveform Monitors
  • Common Lighting Plots

Title #4 – Lighting Greenscreen

Lighting for GreenscreenMany editing software programs now have easy-to-execute chromakey effects, but, to get your scene looking good, you need to plan first and light it right. Content includes:

  • Subject vs. Background
  • Chromakey Green
  • Hard Light & Soft Light
  • Setup One: The Ski Slope
  • Setup Two: Exotic Interior
  • Common Lighting Plots

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