8 Tips for a Stellar First Video

8 Tips for a Stellar First Video

What If You Could Make Professional Grade Video
the First Time You Picked Up a Camera?

Learn the 8 Secrets to Making a Stellar First Video

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It's more likely than you think, and the solution is right under your fingertips. Maybe you've wanted to make video for a while or maybe you just caught the video bug recently. Either way, you want to learn how to become a videographer, but something's holding you back. You're worried that any video you make will look silly and amateurish next to those made by long-time video enthusiasts. We know that initial step can be daunting when you feel like you don't know the first thing about making video. You feel the passion to become a videographer and share video stories but it seems like there's so much to learn first.

No more excuses! Videomaker's 8 Tips for a Stellar First Video is exactly the resource created for you. It's written with the eager young newbie in mind, so you don't need to have any familiarity with video equipment to get the most out of these tips.

8 Tips for a Stellar First Video will help teach you how to become a videographer with eight simple secrets It's is a quick and easy read for even the greenest video lover, but we didn't want to leave you with obvious, philosophical tips that wouldn't actually help you. That's why we've picked the eight tips that you can start applying the moment you pick up a camera.

We sometimes think back to the very first videos that we made; in my case, it was a shaky, tinny Star Wars parody starring my 8-year old brother in his karate training pajamas as Luke Skywalker and a squirrel puppet as Chewbacca. When you're 13 years old and shooting with your mom's mini-camcorder, you might think it would be impossible to make an quality video. But even then, if I'd known these eight tips, Invaders from a Far Away Planet could have felt like the work of trained indie filmmakers rather than a glorified home movie. That's why we compiled this report, asking ourselves what we wish we had known when we were just starting out in video. With this free report, you can skip straight over the learning curve. Download it today and learn how to become a videographer on par with the best.

8 Tips for a Stellar First Video
Has All the Tips We Wish We Knew When We Started Making Video


  • How to make sure that, before you even start, you have everything to finish.
  • How to organize your thoughts into a video story.
  • The secret to shooting footage that looks good on any screen.
  • How video is different than real life... and how you can use that to your advantage.
  • The single most important tip for keeping an audience interested. This remarkably simple tip will free you from the old style of thinking that holds you back and let you see the world the way the video pros do.
  • The two easy steps to handling your video camera like a pro... and getting the same great footage.
  • The mistake that can sink a first video and how you can avoid it.
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At Videomaker, we want to give you the knowledge you need to make great videos. In the beginning we were all new to making video, and we understand how frustrating it can be to have a desired look in mind and lack the knowledge needed to translate your vision to video. That's why we want to take you on a transformational journey through a series of emails designed to develop a well-rounded set of production skills, so you can make consistently great video.