8 Tips & Tricks DVDs!

Eight Great ‘Tips & Tricks’ DVDs!

These DVDs include:

  • Outdoor Videography
  • Field Audio
  • Video Lighting
  • Special Effects
  • Green Screen Tips
  • Online Video
  • How to Make Money with Video
  • Creating Action Videos

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Want to make videos that look like the ones on TV?

You know how to handle your camera right, you know all the rules. But, somehow, your videos just don’t turn out like the ones you see on TV. What’s the difference? What do they know that you don’t?

Videomaker’s Tips & Tricks series is dedicated to blowing the lid off the most closely-guarded shooting secrets of professional videographers. All the clever little fixes and secret tweaks that distinguish a video as expert-made — they’re all here for your education. This series is perfect for the videographer who’s serious about improving. Each DVD is loaded with tips, tricks, demonstrations and step-by-step examples to help you master the various elements of video production.

Now for a limited time, you can purchase 8 of our Tips & Tricks DVDs at a reduced price! All the same great advice and easy-to-follow guidelines that you can use to make your videos look polished and professional.

These DVDs include:

Outdoor Videography – Shooting outside means you’re at the mercy of nature and the elements and you’ve got to adjust. With this DVD, you’ll learn how to capture stunning landscapes, shoot in the snow, get clear-as-day videos at night, and even tape footage from a moving car that won’t make you sea sick.
Segments Include:

  • Shooting Landscapes
  • Shooting from a Moving Car
  • Macro Videography
  • Night Time Shooting
  • Shooting Video in the Snow
  • Outdoor Audio
  • Lens Filters
  • Gear Protection

Field Audio – Capturing clean visuals outside is tricky, but capturing clean audio can be a nightmare. How can you hear your subject talking when those birds in the trees won’t stop singing or those cars down on the highway won’t stop honking? We’ll show you how to deal with the challenges of grabbing quality audio while you’re out of the studio.
Segments Include:

  • Interview Miking
  • Live Event Miking
  • Using a Boom Mic
  • Using a Filed Mixer
  • Lavaliere Mic Placement
  • Camera Audi Control
  • Wireless Mic Technology
  • Headphone Tips
  • Best Mic Cheats
  • Foley Sound Effects

Video Lighting – Tired of your videos having that flat sit-com look? We’ll show you how you can spice them up with unique and creative lighting combinations. Enhance drama, build tension or highlight character with nothing more than a well-placed lamp!
Segments Include:

  • An Overview of Video Lighting Equipment
  • Cheap Video Lighting Solutions
  • Three-point Lighting
  • Video Lighting Safety Tips
  • On-camera Video Lights
  • Casting Shadow with Cookies
  • Green Screen Lighting
  • Mood Lighting Effects
  • Specialty Lighting Tricks

Special Effects – With a little creativity and knowledge, you can recreate big budget Hollywood techniques using low budget camera tricks and editing software. Learn how to burn down a house or shoot up a car without any damage! Stage gun battles without bullets, blanks, or even a sound that would scare your neighbors.
Segments Include:

  • Natural Transition FX
  • Creating Sound FX – Foley Style
  • Green Screen Magic Glitter FX
  • Earthquake FX
  • Creating Fire with Software
  • Hit By A Car
  • Gunshot Special FX
  • The Bullet Hole FX

Green Screen Tips – Recreate this popular Hollywood effect in your own home! With tips on green screen lighting, editing software tools and how to recreate exciting green screen special effects, this DVD will leave you ready to put your green screen skills to use!
Segments include:

  • History of Chroma Key
  • Green Screen Basics
  • Green Screen Lighting
  • Troubleshooting for Chroma Key
  • Green Screen Keying Tools
  • Green Screen Planning
  • Virtual Sets & Tracking Points
  • Favorite Green Screen Tricks

Online Video – Shooting video for the web is quite a bit different than shooting it for the big screen or the home entertainment system. With this DVD, you’ll learn how to make the most of those differences, so that you can upload videos to the net without having them compressed into fuzz.
Segments Include:

  • History of Online Video
  • Capturing Video For The Web
  • Online Video Equipment
  • Web Cams
  • Video Compression For The Web
  • Uploading Videos
  • Video Marketing Strategies

How to Make Money with Video – In this DVD, we help you get started on the road to earning cash with some ideas to monetize your videos. From selling your stock footage to starting your own wedding video service, this collection introduces many ways to help you make money with your video!
Segments Include:

  • On Demand DVD Distribution
  • Wedding Video Service
  • Event Videography
  • Selling Stock Footage
  • Winning Video Contests
  • Online Revenue Sharing

Creating Action Videos – Bang! Pow! Action is what people want to see and, in this DVD, we’ll show you how to give it to them. Learn how to simulate a gun firing or a bare-knuckle brawl. From shooting fight scenes to perfecting your action scene transitions, this collection demonstrates many ways to improve your action videos.
Segments Include:

  • Shooting Fight Scenes
  • Gun Muzzle Flashes
  • Action Scene Transitions
  • The 24p Film-Look Effect
  • Compositing Sets with Images & Video
  • Camera Angles & Techniques
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These eight DVDs give you the inside scoop on how to get the most out of your videos, giving you the extra edge that takes your work from amateur production to polished product. Each DVD is loaded with tips, tricks, demonstrations and step-by-step examples to help you master these various elements of video production. Order today and start making videos that outshine the rest! Order Now!

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