3 Types of Documentary Genres

3 Types of Documentary

Make Sure You Pick The Best Genre To Use
Before You Make Your Next Documentary Video

Not all documentaries have the same style. Some have narration, some do not. When you think of “documentary” you may be thinking of only one genre or style without realizing that there could be another style better suited to your subject matter. In this VOD we examine 3 different types of documentaries: Observational, Expository and Participatory. You will see examples of films that have used each of the 3 types of genre successfully.

Making the best choice of genre is critical to the planning process and the success of your documentary. A segment from Videomaker’s popular “Documentary Production” DVD, the Video On Demand “How 3 Types of the Documentary Genre Are Made” can help you make the best decisions regarding how to shoot your documentary. Download it today for only $6.98.