Is Nikon’s Z6 video footage actually better than the Z7’s?

We’ve already determined that the Z7 is a solid mirrorless shooter, but how does it fair against Nikon’s Z6? With its higher specs, it should be better — right?

DPReview doesn’t seem to think so. The site recently posted a blog where they compared the Z6 and Z7’s footage and found the Z6 more capable when it come to video. In fact, the site went as far to declare that Z6’s “4K video footage outshines Z7” and is more in the league of Sony’s a7 III. That’s a big claim to make; here’s why they believe this to be true:


The Z6 and Z7 look to be taking different approaches to oversampling 4K. DPReview deducted the Z6 could be using larger-radius sharpening, which should result in a “punchier look” out of camera. The post goes on to say that the Z6 is obviously better than the Z7 when it comes to full-frame 4K because it doesn’t use all its pixel rows. That reduces both resolution and low-light performance.

They go on to say that the Z6’s cropped 4K also appears to use larger-radius sharpening than the Sony’s.


As for 1080p shooting, DPReview said the Z6’s full frame 1080/24p looks better than the Z7’s full frame 1080/24p and the a7 III’s 1080/24p. “As a whole, the Z6’s HD footage has much more sharpening applied than the a7 III’s,” the post stated. But DPReview said it doesn’t necessarily show much more tangible detail.

From the post, we can determine that Nikon’s Z6 is a capable video camera that isn’t to be overshadowed by its more expensive Z7 counterpart. Just watch DPReview’s Z6 sample video below to see what it can do:

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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