Huge Fire Damages Millions in SmallHD Inventory

Last April, a major fire burned near SmallHD HQ. The fire didn’t directly harm its stock, but its smoke did and we’re learning now that it had cost SmallHD greatly.

Wes Philips, CEO of SmallHD, revealed recently that the April fire cost the company millions in lost inventory. Thankfully no one was hurt in the fire, but it’s still a huge blow for the relatively small company.

The SmallHD Cary, North Carolina warehouse had to essentially clear out everything because the smoke rendered it all useless. The fire also did substantial damage to a significant beam holding up the building’s roof and to its electrical wiring.

To hear Wes Philips describe the entire incident himself and detail how SmallHD is bouncing back, watch the video below:


SmallHD product shipping has been delayed due to the fire

At no fault of their own, the blaze has greatly set back SmallHD’s operations and has led to serious shipping delays. You can see SmallHD’s inventory availability and their adjusted shipping dates at

Rising from the Flames

SmallHD has gone through many tough hurdles to get to where they are today. To Wes Philips and his company, this is just another one of those hurdles they have to overcome together.

“Despite the fact this fire was a downer and a setback for us, we are really, really excited for the future,” says Philips.

It’s great to see that everyone at SmallHD is looking to the future positively. We here at Videomaker have used SmallHD products before and they are great. In fact, we just reviewed SmallHD’s Focus OLED. From all of us here at Videomaker, we wish SmallHD the best moving forward.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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