The 7 deadly sins of amateur video

A look at how to create better, more professional looking video by eliminating the seven most common amateur mistakes. Regardless of the camera you use, amateur video is easy to spot. In this video, we are going to share with you the deadly sins of amateur video so that you don’t get caught in their trap and end up with a bunch of crap.


  1. Finally, a production group doing a video with proper lighting, focus, framing, lens selection and (most important) audio during the talking head portion of the video. Drives me crazy how many self professed AV companies have YouTube videos with garbage sound, bad lighting, out of focus/way distorted image in their; review, instructional, etc videos.

    Great job. I would actually listen to this group, based on what they’ve produced not just what they say.

  2. Not much of this pertains when your doing sports video or like me I video R/C Model Planes and You either get the shot or you don’t when some poor soul crashes his $20,000 Trubin Powered Jet in to a million Pieces. There’s no do overs or re-positioning on this one.


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