Zoom/Blur/chaotic effect for a fighting scene

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      Hi there! I'm an Italian guy, so I'm SORRY for my really bad english.
      So, I'm a new user of this amazing forum , and I'm new in the "video making art" too, so I will not too ambicious about making video…BUT I would like to make a promotional video for my airsoft Club…and I thought something like that:
      I want to be clear: I know that this video is at a pro level…but I only want to know few things about it:
      1) at 1:05 we can see a this guy face, and a VERY shaking/chaoting shooting with a uninterrupted zoom in/out on the soldier. You can see this effect for the enitre fighting scene, and I think that they are so cool for a shooting/fighting scene! So: those effects have a particoular name or not?
      2) There is any tutorial/video tutorial to make them?
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      Thanks for your answers, and sorry again for my english!
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      Hi lovaj, welcome to the forum.


      There is quite a few different ways to do that. The video on line is 720 res, if you shooting in 1080 and edit in a 720 project it allows you a lot of freedom for fake zooms as you can change scale without blowing out the picture quality. You can also quickly key frame the position of the picture to create the shake and since its bigger than the project size you won't expose the frame edge. Its a little  more difficult to do to 1080 in a 1080 project but not that hard.


      In software like After effects you can use a wiggle expression or a preset like "Twitch" to create the shaking. You can create an adjustment layer and keyframe a blur to simulate the change in DOF or if you are just using a basic NLE, you can add it righ to the footage if you have to.


      If you provide us with the name of the software you edit in I'm sure someone would have more direct answers to the tools you have on hand to use.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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