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Zoom-in on portrait technique

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    I have a mosaic of several portraits.
    I would like to know how I could create an animation blowing up each portrait to full screen given I have the full screen portrait.

    For example, let’s say my mosaic is a 2×2 where the portraits are represented by letters A,B,C,D.
    So initially you see the mosaic:
    A B
    C D

    Then A starts to zoom in until A occupies the whole screen.

    Looking for solution either for Apple iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or Aperture Slideshow.


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    I don’t use any of the software you stipulate, but the solution should be the same in any NLE. Put each portrait on a separate track, crop each to 25% and position it to make your matrix. Use key-frames to enlarge or shrink each image as appropriate. Or alternatively, use a Zoom FX to bring the selected portrait to full screen.

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