Zoom H5 & Rodelink problem

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      Hi All,
      I am new to this game and have problem. I have a Zoom H5 to record audio for dog training sessions. I also have a Rode link lav set. I can connect the Rode to the line in on the x/y module and record with no issues. However if I wish to record a back ground track via the x/y mic module
      and connect the Rode link to one of the two xlr inputs. The resulting audio is very poor and virtually non existent apart from static. I have tried plugging my Rode stereo video mic pro into the same xlr port with fine results. I must be doing something wrong. Can anyone advise in the appropriate device settings to achieve a good result. I also want to create some aural history videos in the future so perfecting the techniques in using these two devices together is important to me.
      Thanks in advance

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