Zoom F8 Setup and Use in the Field

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      I just moved up from a Zoom H6, and bought a Zoom F8 for field sound mixing and recording. These is not much on the net as to how to setup and use this deck. Could you please make a tutorial on how to setup and use the F8 in the field. Basics are easy enough….setting parameters….hooking up cables…..power….etc. However, there is not much on how and why to route signals, how and when to use the limiters, running sound and timecode to cameras and other places….and basics on how and when to mix (instead of just record using the gain controls). When would I switch to the Main Screen(Faders and such). Difference between using gain controls and fader controls. That kind of stuff is necessary to know, but just not much on it on the net. Thanks, guys……Yo

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      With all due respect, no one is going to do a tutorial for simply because every setup is different. One day you might be indoors where it’s nice and quiet while the next day you might be out on the ocean. Overkill? Just a wee bit but you need to learn how to properly operate the tool before you start using it.

      The manual is always a good place to start.
      I’ve heard and read that the manual for the F8 is very well laid out with a lot of diagrams.

      Two Facebook groups:

      Two excellent field audio books:

      From the manufacturer (videos at the bottom of the page):


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