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      How do you create a zoom in and out effect in. Just like in  this video around 0:50 




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      I don't see any "zoom effects." Every shot looks like it's done with a fixed focal length (which may vary from shot to shot but remains fixed within the shot) and any "zooms" are done with camera movements. If you're talking about how the image, especially the background, seems to rotate around the camera in a exaggerated manner (closer at the sides and further away in the center) as the camera pans, that's due to a short focal length (very wide angle). The 35mm equivalent might be around 20mm or less. I've never worked with such short lengths so I couldn't tell you for sure. Those shorter focal lengths tend to exaggerate distance which will give you that effect. Don't get too close to objects, especially people, it tends to distort them.

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      My guess is this was shot using some kind of camera stabilizer such as a Glidecam or a Flycam or Steadicam.  It looks to me like the shot was just a 'walk by' passing the flowers laying on the beach, But I think the zoom effect you talk about is due to the motion being 'sped-up' in post production at the point where the camera is closest to the flowers, then the speed was dialed back to 'normal' as the camera moves away.  That's my guess anyhow.


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      Thanks both make sense the lens and the slow motion effect made the effect in the video.

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      In my point of view you can use any proffestional camera which have best visual quality and effective zoom in and out features for create your video,beside this you can also use "After Effect" tool to put zoom in and zoom out effect in your video.It is a nice software and I am using this software for 2 months. 

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