Zoom Controller for Panasonic X920

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I am wondering if anyone out there uses a zoom control for X920.


I have recently bought one (Helin R1 DVX) but the 0.25mm jacks dont fit into the minjack 0.35mm of the camera mic/headphone port. I have sourced a 0.25mm-0.35mm converter but still not even sure it would work on that camera. 


I have looked at the Varizoom ones but again not sure they would fit or be compatable with this camera. 


here is a link to the user manual as reference



Any help would be appreciated. 


Many thanks


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from what I read, you can ONLY control that camera with tha Panasonic APP... since it does not have a "Cam remote in" connection...


the only thing stated that will work is the wifi Panasonic app...