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      Has anyone used a good zoom controler for the HXR-NX30? I have a VariZoom  (VZ Rock) controller for my older Sony handy cam that I just love.  The tech guy at VariZoom said it SHOULD work with an adapter cable. But I've read reports since then that say it doesn't and that there's now way to get a VariZoom controller to work with the NX30. That's why I'm looking for feedback from someone who has actually tried it.  

      OR has anyone actually worked with a different controller that worked with the HXR-NX30?

      I know the camera comes with a wireless remote zoom but it just doesn't have the touch sensitivity I'm looking for.

      Thanks for your feedback!

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      For my HXR-NX30, I use the adapter cable "LANC to AV-R Sony" part number 522AV from Manfrotto, with the Sony RM1BP remote. You could probally use any Sony compatable remote with this adapter cable,

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      I have tried two different VZRock Lanc controllers (one mine and another new one at my video supply house) with my NX30, doesn't work using the Varizoom adapter cable (tried it with two different adapter cables and even another NX30) Does not work. I've talked to Christian at Varizoom at least three times about it, the last time he said he would check with engineering and get back but that was at least a month ago and haven't heard back from him. It is strange that my older Varizoom Pro model (big, heavy, weighs as much as the camera) works just fine. I ended up purchasing another Lanc controller made by Libec, it works fine with my Varizoom adapter cable but it only has zoom control and start and stop, no focus control like the VZ Rock. So now I have a VZ Rock that sits on the shelf that I can't use. 


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      Thanks both of you for your feedback. I wonder if the Manfrotto 522AV would work with the VariZoom VZ Rock on the HXR-NX30.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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