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      Hi everyone,
      Thanks for letting me post this questions!
      I’m trying to create a Youtube video. 
      I’m using a teleprompter to feed me the lines I need to speak.  I put my ipad into the teleprompter so I can read the lines.  Then there’s a camera behind the telepromter filming me.
      There’s a lavalier microphone coming out from the camera all the way to me.  I will be standing about 4 feet away from the camera.
      Here’s my question.  I use an app on my ipad which uses speech recognition.  Everytime I speak the lines start to move BUT if I’m standing 4 feet away from the ipad it won’t be able to hear me so I need to hook up a second lavelier microphone to the ipad so it pick up my voice without all the background noise interference.
      Now I have a problem because I have 2 microphones on me; 1 coming from the camera and one coming from the Ipad.
      I don’t know how to set this up so I only have 1 microphone that I’m speaking into.
      Can anyone help me?  What tools/adapters do I need?

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      Not sure why this is a problem. Purchase one of the several clips made for two microphones and run your cables back to camera and ipad. Or just use a single clip for each mic.

      You could run a single mic cable to a mixer, then cables out from the mixer to the camera and ipad.

      Finally, there are "Y" adapters on the market that would allow you to plug a mic, then split the signal out to two recording devices but this is still going to leave you with two cables running back to your devices. And it's quite likely that doing this will reduce the quality of the signal coming from the mic.

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      Personally – speech controlling the ipad is a tricky thing to make work anyway, so perhaps a different prompter that can have alternative controls might work better? I use a foot control for my prompters, but this runs on a proper prompter, run from a computer rather than a phone. I assume there's no control on the phone app to lift the sensitivity?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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