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      Hi everybody,

      With some friends we have built an editor for YouTube videos. It is on . You can actually set the start and stop times for any YouTube video, so it can fit with your favorite quote in a movie.
      Actually, you can event create your own mashups of YouTube bites
      All clips is embeddable on Facebook. We thought you might be interested in this tool. Feel free to give any feedback.

      Have fun,


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      This is a really fun and useful tool for the amateur video maker.  And, i'm sure it's intended just for fun.  If someone were going to distribute a copy of their video clip created here on Youtube, it might create copyright issues.  But, for personal use, it could be a good thing.



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      I edited this video by using movie maker

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        Agreed, a good software, been using it all the time

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      Hello Axel, there are so many video editing software available in the market or even website as well. Here is a list of few video editing softwares, I don’t know which one is better, because I never used any of them. Any body can help me in this regard ?? Please comment.

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      Hi All,
      Would you consider using or at least trying our software it covers all areas including a video switcher built-in, chroma keying, Lower Thirds, Virtual sets, scrolling banner text, and down streaming. It is worth a look and i would value your opinion.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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