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      Neb Namraj

      I recently uploaded a video up to Youtube about the game Counter Strike Global Offensive. Just as a way of archiving some of my better plays without filling up my hard drive. The issue is that i record with ShadowPlay at 1080p and a bitrate of 50 Mbps and it looks alright after rendering in Sony Vegas 13 after turning off Smart Re-sampling etc and when i uploaded it to youtube i waited until the quality options for 720p and 1080p appeared and it looked horrible to a point where enemies were hard to see. I looked around of YouTube for other content creators quality in the same game and it was far better. Any help?


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      You might try rendering it in Handbrake as an MP4 file. YouTube tends to do whatever it wants with uploaded files but MP4 seems to survive better than most.

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      I’m always concerned about uploading a client video on YouTube and keeping the same quality (or at least the best as it can) as it was shot/edited. Although we know Youtube handles a huge amount of data every single minute, I’m glad they still try to preserve color, bit depth and resolution. So far, I’ve uploaded 90% of all my videos in mp4. The others were in .mov. However, you might think about how long it takes to load the video to your audience. In other words, the lower the size of the video file, the faster it might load on YouTube.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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