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      How do I go about finding information in regards to starting my own prank videos. I'm not sure what kind of mic they use and how easily discreet it is, and how it's recording live with the camera being taken from afar. Also which programs they are using for video edits etc.



      Thanks guys


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      I'm going to assume you're talking about a candid camera type setup… the camera is hidden and you have an actor who confronts someone and does something for laughs. 


      The real trick here is remote sound and synchronizing the sound with the in camera sound/pictures. 


      Usually a clapper or some other device aids in this but the camera … well any digital camera will work.  There are a variety of microphones.  Consider the zoom H-1 for this.  You can hold it like a regular microphone or even run a concealed lavalier mic to it.   It might be worthwhile to have a shotgun microphone on the camera  to get as good sound as you can on the camera track.


      As far as software, most NLEs would be suitable provided they let you import alternative sound tracks that you can sync to the video. (The NLE is where you do your synch).


      You can spend a lot of money for wireless mic system but that means that you camera would have to have an mic-in jack.  Consumer and many prosumer cameras only have 1/8-inch jacks when they have them.  That poses a real problem if you're running the mic cord any distances as Las Vegas Casino's would like the odds that a wireless system or an unbalanced sound system is going to fail you.


      The point is simplier is better and definitely cheaper.  … and remember though, always have a backup.  (two mics, two cameras) .


      Beyond that, it is a matter of creativity.



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      Most of the youtube prankers keep the pen camera and some other cameras that would be useful to create some videos with high qualtiy.It only requires mic and camera inreal time,sometime it gets too expensive.After capturing the footages,video editing plays a vital role,you should know about every tiny things related to video editing.

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      Hey im a youtuber that makes hidden camera pranks, and basically i have a setup similar to Roman and Vitally (Connon XA-20 + senheiser eW112PG3B) however if u dont have $3,000 to spend on equiptment, any camera with a mic input and maybe a sony bluetooth mic will do the trick. gopros are a bad choice because they dont have the best battery life and no zoom. Good luck and all the best -> if your interested in seeing how my pranks turn out with my equiptment ( ) peace!


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      Some video pranks to get insprired


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