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      Hello everyone…looking for some guidance, any help would be greatly appreciated!

      I'd like to produce a weekly news show to run on a YouTube channel and was wondering what software package you would recommend for this endeavor.  I'd like to be able to do all of the basics you might see on your nightly local news (titles, ability to superimpose graphics, chroma key, etc) so that it looks like a professional news program.

      Since I'm just getting started I would like to keep costs low but am willing to spend $200-$300 (top of the range) if you believe a particular video software is worth it.  I have a Canon Vivia HF R62 camera which I believe shoots in 1080P.  I would be producing the show on an HP computer (AMD A8 64 bit, 8 gigs of ram) running Windows 10.

      Finally, I would be doing everything to start (writing, delivering the news and editing) so the simpler the better!  Thank you in advance for your time and recommendations!

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