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      Hey guys, I have a pretty small YouTube music channel (15,000 subscribers)

      It started out fun but now that I'm making some money off of it, I would like my videos to look as good as possible without spending TOO much.


      I've been using a Nikon D3100 which is a DSLR and I guess not the best to shoot videos with? I bought it ONLY for videos… not photos. So maybe that was silly of me? I've been using the lens it comes with also.

      I want something that is better in low light. Music is always played in a dark setting but it's hard to capture that with my Nikon D3100. Especially since you can't change ISO during video mode. This is the best I'm able to get

      That doens't look too bad but I had to use an extrememly bright light and it wasn't what I was going for at all.

      Also, since I film everything myself it's so hard to see what the shot looks like because I can't turn the screen around to see myself as I'm filming.


      What's a good camera (That's not too pricey) that…

      1) Is good in low light

      2) Maybe has a swivel screen or something where I can see myself while filming


      I would love to have a camera that allows me to get good shots like this.

      Looks very proffeesianl and they're just using the window as light. My camera could never be able to get a shot like that.


      Thanks guys. If you couldn't tell, I'm a totaly noob at cameras but I would definitely like to get a better one.

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      Hi ehzool,

           Have you taken a look at the Panasonic GH4?  I have a GH2, and I'm pretty pleased with it.  They have only made improvements to the GH line in the GH4.  With it's high bit-rate, you should be able to get some good quality low-light shots, especially if you use a nice fast lens, and it has a swivel screen.

           If it's in the budget, probably the ultimate in low-light performance is the Sony Alpha 7s.  Keep in mind that it costs around $2,300 just for the body, and then you would have to buy the lens.  But check out this video review of the camera by Film Riot.  It will blow your mind.



           Also, you could get a small, inexpensive HD TV to plug into the camera's HDMI port to use as a monitor while you are filming, if your camera has an HDMI port.

           I hope this info helps.  Good luck.

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      Hi ehzool,


      I have the GH1, GH2, GH3 and GH4 and any of them will give you great images in low light with a fast enough lens.


      Here is the $800 GH3 in a nightclub setting with fast Panasonic 25mm f1.4 and Olympus 45mm f1.8 lenses:





      The Panasonic lens is pretty expensive, though. The best value for money fast micro 4/3 lens on the market right now is probably the $349 Olympus 25mm f1.8


      Here's a musical performance shot with the GH3 in a natural light setting:





      If I were you, and if you don't plan to upgrade to 4K Ultra High Definition any time soon, I would get the GH3 and not the GH2.  As a musician, you would probably be better off investing in a camera with a headphone jack (a feature the GH3 has, but the GH2 lacks).


      Hope this is helpful!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution








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      Thank you so much! I asked this on other sites and they said the same thing. Panasonic GH4 and Sony Alphas.

      So I know there's a GH2, 3 and 4.

      Obvioulsy the 4 is the best but how much better is it? It's quadrouple the moeny of the GH2. Will I be able to take great shots like the videos I posted with the GH2 or GH3?

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      Hmm great. They look awesome. So would you recommend a GH2 with the Olympus 25mm f1.8 Lens? When looking at nothing but picture quality, how different would you think the GH2 with the Olympus lens would be from a GH3 with the same Olympus lens?

      And if there is a difference, is it just a differnent in color? Something that could easily be changed with some color correcting? 


      Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

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      The difference is a lot more than color.  The GH3's higher bit rate means that it can resolve more image detail in complex scenes (e.g., water, landscapes).


      You can modify ("hack") the GH2 in order to record at a higher bit rate, but it's a lot of hassle.


      I never bothered to hack my GH2 – it was a lot easier to simply upgrade to the GH3.  


      Also the GH2 has been discontinued – so it's almost impossible to find one that is still under warranty.


      The GH3, on the other hand, is still available new, with the full manufacturer's warranty, for less than $800.


      Good luck with your decision!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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