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      I received a notification on my YouTube dashboard in Russian. I translated it and saw that I was being offered a chance to join a program that would help my YouTube channel. I went to the link for the program and read over all of the program particulars and requirements. The program provides support to YouTube channels that create videos about technology, software, and YouTube. Support includes promoting videos on your YouTube Help channel, collaborating with other YouTubers, exclusive product updates of the latest YouTube news, and YouTube training events and workshops. I liked what I saw and what the program had to offer so I went ahead and applied with my three YouTube channels.

      After about two months of waiting I have yet to receive a response from YouTube. So I went and researched each channel that was accepted into the program and found that none of the channels were from the United States or english speaking channels. I looked on the program page and found no information stating that the program was only open to non-english speaking countries.

      I posted an inquiry on the YouTube help forum but no one has been able to tell me the status of my application or tell me if the YouTube Help Heroes program accepts english speaking channels from the United States. has anyone here heard anything about the YouTube for Help Heroes program or have any suggestions of what I should do next to get more information? The attached video should provide you with additional information.

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