Youtube Avc codec better than Vp9 ?!

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I tried everything I could to export a video (hd1080, 25fps) from adobe premiere to youtube in high quality, and the overall quality is good BUT I still have a big problem only with some animations that appear and disappear very quickly : when they appear the quality becomes horrible (very pixelated and blurry)

In fact, with the Avc youtube format, the quality is OK. Then youtube switch to Vp9, which is supposed to be a better quality, but on these fast animations it's clearly much worse than with the Avc codec.

I tried to export and upload in "4K", and the quality is perfect in 4K, but when played in Hd1080 it becomes horrible again when the fast animations appear.

I tried also various formats (quicktime H264, uncompressed yuv10, H264, DNxHD etc) and various bitrates but it's still not ok.

I would like to block youtube in Avc mode but it seems to be out of control (?).

Only few people will activate the 4K in youtube so it's not a good option either.


Thank you for you help..!

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If the quality is changing in the videos then it's lost likely your export that's causing issues as anything YouTube does would be applied only to the video as a whole.