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      I don't want to publish to Youtube. I just don't like Google as a company. Any good alternatives? 

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      Have you looked into Vimeo? They have some really cool features like letting you embed your video on your site and it only points to your site instead of the annoying  If you are a paid member they also let you put up a donate button so people can throw some money your way.


      They are large enough that the interface is really easy as well as big enough to retain an audience.

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      Participant is another free service. I've only used it a few times but it's been OK. One thing that I haven't seen happen with Veoh is the videos actually playback without constant stalling like on YT or even now on Vimeo.


      Vimeo needs more bandwidth, but they don't have the resources of Google, who apparently is operating YT on the cheap these days. The choppy playback of hi-res videos is damned irritating.

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      Thanks guys. I am going to check out Vimeo first. I am getting pretty close to having some stuff to post!! : )

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      Yep Vimeo seem like the primary choice for professionals. 


      Also, people have been sharing videos with me on Facebook more and more.

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      I think Vimeo has stepped up their game recently possibly.  I used to have a tough time getting my uploads to complete. The few I’ve done in recent weeks haven’t had any upload issues at all.  I’ve got a ‘Pro’ account, but I really mostly renewed it this year to support their community.  I’m glad I stuck with it.  It’s a pretty thriving community for talent – not that I would claim myself to be amongst the ranks. 


      There are some really cool videos on there.  I don’t search through it nearly enough to check them out, but I’ve seen some cool stuff.  I like the time-lapse stuff personally – some of those are super cool and must have taken a huge amount of work to compile.


      Anyway, with a ‘Pro’ Account – you are limited to 5 gigs a week uploading.  Depending on what you are trying to do that might need to be noted.  If you want to share a feature length documentary for example – you’ll have to throttle down your bitrate to squeeze it in under 5 gigs.  Youtube is exceptionally liberal in that regard – I think like 20 gig uploads maybe and unlimited time when you are in good standing.  Vimeo allows you to store the original file for download distribution if you like though on the flipside of that point. 


      Vimeo does seem to have a slight edge in encoding quality too, but they try to steer you away from providing a 1080p stream by default.  You have to select 1080p to be available for every upload if you want it and it has to encode for that after it has encoded for 720p.  Not really a big deal, but something to be aware of if your video looks – well, 720p and not 1080p like you may have shot it.  I’m sure it’s to save on bandwidth – it costs money to stream the higher resolution. 


      Personally, I feel like I trash up the neighborhood with my videos LOL.  I try to do better, but it’s like parking your trailer home in a nice neighborhood to upload crappy videos that belong more on Youtube.  They need the cash though; so, it can’t all be perfectly polished professional stuff.  They seem to like to provide tutorials that cater to beginners as well.   


      I’m also enthused to see Vimeo available on so many ‘Smart Televisions/Devices.’ Their apps are generally pretty slick if not at least consistent across the platforms I’ve seen them on.  I might not care to spend hours creating and burning off a Blu-ray disc for my latest ‘project’ and rather upload and stream it back on the television.  I’m not super impressed with my experience with DLNA (media home networking on smart televisions) for that matter – even if I am setup to play them otherwise over WiDi.  It’s pretty user friendly to just pull up the built in app and let it stream back. 





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      Staff picks section of Vimeo is where it's at!

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      The alternative for youtube is metacafe, dailymotion or vimeo. 

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      I've been a youtube member since 2006 and have never been able to make anything viral. So check out my videos if anyone cares

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      Pine Fresh Media

      Another vote for Vimeo, definitly. Especially now that they've introduced Vimeo Pro, definitly the choice for video production businesses.

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      Hey, this is a great question and there are many answers. I will try not to be biased since I'm the CEO of a video platform, but I'll lay the ground:

      – great tools, massive internal audience – good worldwide audience – great for large files and higher quality videos – great for external distribution (yahoo, msn, etc), high quality hosting, great for monetizing on distribution


      Hope that helps.

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      Here are some alternatives you might wanna check, 
      Details about all these services can be found  here,
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      If you don't want to publish your video on YouTube, then you can go with some High PR video submission sites like Flickr, Dailymotion, We Video and Vimeo. These are the best sites for promoting your video.

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      For me the best 3 are YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.


      There are more details on these video hosting sites here:

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      Here is the list of 7 best Youtube alternative video sites
      I can bet you cannot find better list than this πŸ™‚

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      Member and but in speed of streaming has no alternative.

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      It seems professionals use Vimeo to post videos on their site more than YouTube, which is what I use. I’m curious as to why that is.

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      i am unable to understand what is wrong with YouTube that you do not like to publish your video. Okh it is your choice
      Here are some good alternative
      these two are best similar website to youtube,
      If need more so look at here

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      I am on

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      this video is very good.

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      I am currently having a website built. I am looking at having about 50 hours of video broken up into 20 minute videos. Does the vimeo pro allow enough storage for this amount of video?



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