YI 4K+ Action Camera this 2017?!

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      Read about the YI 4K+ in some article and it was pretty impressive. Well aside from boasting they are the first 4K/60fps action cam, they also said it will be released soon? So any info on this?
      It actually shows on their website https://www.yitechnology.com/yi-4k-plus-action-camera all the features, etc.

      I am a GoPro user for such a long time, in fact I thought it was the only trusted manufacturer of action cams. Until, I bought the YI 4K (predecessor of their new YI 4K+), I find them pretty much the same. I still have both GoPro and my YI 4K and I like them both to be honest.

      I hope somebody caught some leakage of info regarding this. Cheers!

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