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      Hi, this is my first post on this forum, and i am not sure if this is the right place to post these questions.

      ive been editing and filming small projects for some time, but only on an cheap consumer cam which ive left on auto. Now me and some friends are planning to make a winter actionsport movie and have invested in some new equiptment and i feel that i need to learn how to setup my equiptment properly to get my moneys worth.

      – Sony Nex Fs700 which we got used. Ive watched some torturials online and found out how to change iso/gain, shutter speed and iris. ive tried changing these settings in field and starting to understand alittle, but i am an total noob at it. I want to film mainly in 1080p (dont have the 4k equiptment for the fs700.) and 50fps so i can reduce the speed for some parts, on other parts iam using the 1080p 240fps slowmotion featuren and some of the clip im using the 1080p 24fps. also iam wondering if anyone can give me some tips on what kind of extra acceccsories i should get for this camera and which kind of microphone you recommend.

      Dji Osmo which i mainly leave on auto and i feel this is quite an easy camera to use, but any tip you have on this camera is appreciated.

      – Gopro 3/4/5 Black Editions we have several of these in our group and if anyone have any tips for settings would me appreciated.

      For Editing I use Sony Vegas Pro13 and I think ive got the basic down enough to know i barely know the features of the program. any link for recommended turtorials would be nice. what i feel my biggest problem right now on the editing section is what to render.

      Any tips are appreciated. Also it would be much help if anyone has any experience to share when it comes to filming in snow conditions and lowlight.

      I must appologize for my english, but im Norwegian and its been some years since my english classes at school:P

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