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      I have a Sony NX30U, it has 2 XLR inputs on what Sony calls the audio pod. I purchased 2 lav mics (one is a Sony wired lav mic and the other is a Rode wireless lav mic). I am trying to record 2 people in an interview type setting.

      My assumption is that I simply plug in the 2 lav mics to the 2 xlr input jacks and I will get good sound from each person…on 2 separate channels….that assumption seems to be incorrect. No matter what setting or knob I change or test, I can only get good sound from one or the other of the microphones, never both at the same time. Any ideas?

      I’ve read the manual several times over and have searched google but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

      My Camera

      Audio Pod control

      Input Jacks

      Lavaliere Mics

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      None of the links work?

      I think what you might have missed is the link switch – this is common on two channel inputs – so one mic goes to both channels, in the wrong position, one channel won’t work.
      select input 1 to ch 1 (left switch) then each input to 0dB to start, and mic, not line. You can select 48V phantom power if you need it. P

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      paulears is right. Looking at pages 40-42 of the manual shows the switches for CH. 1 and Ch. 2 inputs. Ch. 1 is INT MIC / INPUT 1 switchable. CH. 2 is INT MIC / INPUT 1 / INPUT 2 switchable. Set the INPUT 2 switch to the proper position and everything will be OK.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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