XAVC HD , AVCHD motion blur in filing fast paced dances

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      HI, thanks in advance for your advice. I have recently bought SONY fdr asx 100 4K camera, and I downsample to 1920 for editing. I however get disturbing motion blur while panning even on rocksolid manfroto 501 head. I am shooting 60i. Will be useful to get some settings to reduce the motion blur. thanks

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      Could it be your shutter speed? I film dance at 1/60 at 60i. Faster shutter (1/90) for sports. I find that when I shoot w/ slow shutter, anything below 1/30, dance movement gets smeared.


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      mv is correct. Make sure your shutter speed is at least double your frame rate…i.e., 30 fps = 1/60 sec shutter.

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      thanks Gary 1947, mv I tried 1/125 and worked  I will try 1/90 to see if that is better for aperture setting . thanks

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