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      Recently got a new XA-10 and the Rode Ntg-2. I have been hearing a hiss, when on playback on the cam and on my computer. I was wondering what audio settings need to be altered when I am shooting. It is plugged into the camera (even though I should be using seperate recorder) , not using phantom, but XLR and bat. It was left on the tripod, didnt even touch it once, used the remote. Any help is appreciated 

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      I also am temporaily running a 7$ 10ft xlr cable…if it makes a difference.

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      has it hissed the whole time or only recently?


      can you hear it through headphones WHILE recording (not during playback, but before or during the recording process)?


      if you're hearing in on cam and on computer, it's definitely there and recorded as part of the file.  and with your level of equipment, it shouldn't be.


      for what it's worth, i prefer to record my audio and video together, and not separately, if possible.  i usually do the audio separately only as a backup in case something goes wrong.  it can be done this way.  i do a lot of the same thing over and over, though, so you tend to get it down after a while… πŸ˜‰

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      Hi George,


      So you did buy the XA10.  Good for you.  I got tons of views of my fake interview that I made for you.


      Anyway,  When you have any electronic issue,  it is good to check all the different areas that might be a problem. 


      If you could check the mic with another device that would be good but I don't think you have any other XLR in recorders.


      But I will tell you of my experiences and what I do.    I don't use a sperate recorder and that is not a problem for me.


      I'm sure you have checked in the settings menu that the mic is connected.


      I have the cheapest XLR Mic I could find as that is my budget.  But it sounds better than the 3.5mm mic I was using.


      I never put the mic on the camera, Actually I should to see how it sounds.  I either use a tripod for the mic  and since I don't have help I constructed a boom stand that has the mic pointing down on myself.  I get the best sound that way.   The mic should be set to unidirectional.


      Here is a photo of my mic settings.  All there is to set is the gain.

      After experimenting I found just below the midway point worked best for me.   Doing some testing with that control can help you tell what the best setting is for you.   Also take out the battery and use phantom power to see if that changes anything.  I use phantom power and it works fine.   It is just a matter of checking as many variables as you can



      After you play with different settings and locations for the mic and still get noise, then it's time to try your software.    I use Premiere Pro CS5.5.   My laptop is not powerful enough for CS6.


      In my effects section there is an audio section that has effects like denoiser and dehisser.  I have found that they will reduce the problem.  Sometimes if the noise is no too loud, I can reduce the volume a little bit to get rid of the noise.


      I also use an audio only program called MAGIX music editor 3.    There are other programs that do the same thing.  They have effects like denoiser, dehisser, dehummer etc.


      I isolate the audio track and export it as a WAV file and then fix it in MAGIX and export it back as a WAV. then replace the original audio track with the fixed one.


      I have learned to do this by playing with the software


      One thing is the closer to the subject speaking the better sound you will get.  The Rode is good, but as you know there are mics that costs thousands.


      If this doesn't help or you are not sure of something.  Let me know what editing software you use and I will see if I can download it and see if there is a solution.


      I can certainly create hiss on my soundtrack if I want to.


      Good luck



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      Forgot something.  Sorry I am in the middle of filming myself falling down a flight of stairs.


      I had trouble with my mic at first, so I called the store i bought it and got advice,   i also asked about my 


      cord.   He said that was not an issue.  my cord is about 10 ft.






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      Thanks Barry ! 


      I played around with it, set the gain almost about how you have it, which is a good sign for me. I tested myself in my office, and it recorded with some hiss, but not as bad as when I originally recoreded and wrote the topic. Plus of course the heater was on, computer was on, and whatever else. I edited with PowerDirector, and the audio editor and used the same "denoise" as stated it was pretty good. I use PD becuase anything I upload is less than 10 minutes, and the rarity will be simple editing of trimming etc. 

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      Your Welcome


      Always glad to help if I am able.


      I find that experimenting and playing around with stuff is helpful.  Test the limits of what you are using.


      Finding out what doesn't help is something I find useful



      And of course you are smart enough to know when to ask for help.


      I downloaded PowerDirector and found it a little frustrating.   I guess I could learn it but I have Premiere


      Take care


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      At first it was, I've gotten used to it, used it for over a year now in March. 

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