Would Love experienced editors feedback

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If you have the time please check out TheBombMMA on Youtube. I am editing video for undefeated Bellator Lightweight fighter Adam Piccolotti. I would love some feedback, criticism and even ideas for future episodes! Please let me know what you all think. Thank you!

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Here's my feedback:

1) COLOR CORRECTION!!! Make sure you do a final pass with color correction to match up your whole video into one cogent look
2) Pacing. Watch out for using the same (or similar) clips so close together. Trust me, I get drone shots are cool. But drone shot over skateboarders -> some other shot -> right back to drone shot over skateboarders... seems like you're trying to fill in space. They were just establishing shots. If it doesn't contribute to the story... move on.
3) come up with a theme for each episode... a "big idea." Seems like this was just "here's what happened this week." No, focus on one thing in particular, and make that your theme for the week. Use that theme to tie every scene together. (
4) When editing drone shots (or any other "moving" shot) don't mark in or out on a spot where the camera isn't moving. Movement shots need to move "through" the shot... not "in,start moving, stop moving, out", more "start moving, in, out, stop moving"
5) Voice overs can break up boredom. In the gym where he's showing them techniques, go to voice over of him talking about his philosophy while you have the shots of people hitting things. Watch a reality show... any reality show. They call it shooting a "diary" or "confessional" Basically, they have each character sit in a room for a few minutes, and interview them about the week's events. Then they cut in the audio as VO, and even the video as segways between shots.

Anyway, that's my opinion. Good shots. Just needs some polish.