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      HI, i am having difficulty capturing clean audio for a fitness and exercise project. The subject is very active during shooting, moving around, jumping, breathing heavily, etc.

      I am using a Countryman Mic into Shure PG1 wireless transmitter. The receiver is a Shure PG 4 receiver. Recorder is a Zoom H4n portable.


      I am getting a lot of audio pops, cracks, etc due to the high level of movement of the subject. They also sweat heavily which also impacts the quality. I also get audio feedback periodically i'm assuming die to the poor connection with the shure trasmitter.


      Can someone make a recommendation for a quality wireless setup for a headset mic in this application? I need a reliable setup that will deliver clean audio 100% of the time.

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      Have you tried rycote undercovers? You can stick the mic anywhere. I'd recommend having them wear a hat or visor, sticking it underneath the bill and running through the hat (taped) and down the back (secure with more tape) into the transmitter

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      The toughest miking gig in the world is musical theatre.  I'd do some research into broadway style miking techniques.  Here is a quick article I found throught the miracle of the googles.  πŸ˜‰

      Microphone Placement Techniques for Theatre – Bright and Loud



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