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      I’m looking for a vendor and model recommendation for a wireless mic to be used for wedding videography and am willing to pay around $500-600 or so for a quality system (mic/transmitter/receiver) that also will stand the test of time. From what I have read, going with a digital system seems best with the changes going on with VHF/UHF, but I’m open to the opposite opinion. I would like to be about to plug the transmitter directly into the church’s sound system when available. When not, I would use the law mic in the system.

      I have also read that one should not plug the receiver directly into the camera because of possible shorts. How real of a risk is that?

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      If you can squeeze a bit more money into your budget, my recommendation would be either the Sennheiser EW100 G3 Evolution Wireless or the Sony UWP-D16 Wireless microphone package.

      Sony UWP-D16 Wireless Microphone Package

      Sennheiser EW100 G3 Evolution Wireless Microphone System

      Both list for $800.00 and come with a wide range of accessories that will meet your needs.
      I strongly recommend buying from a reputable pro audio shop such as Trew Audio because pro audio is all that they do, they know what they’re talking about and can make recommendations based on your specific needs.
      I’ve spent a chunk of my money with them and always had great and, more importantly, knowledgeable help.
      They also sell used gear that has been checked out and known to be in good working order.

      p.s. I’ve been plugging my receivers directly into my cameras for years (pro camera with XLR inputs) and never had any problems.


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      You’re welcome Valen.
      All good (i.e. legal) wireless mic systewms these days operate in the UHF band. Even the pro audio manufacturers and buyers like us are gambling that what you design or buy today will be legal for the long term. No one can read the government minds any more 🙁
      it’s a case of talking to a reputable shop and buying based on their recommendation as they know what’s good in your area.
      I’ve never had any client break an antenna on me. They’re only a few inches long so they’re not going to get caught in something unless they try really hard. I take the time to make sure that the pack is placed properly on them so that it won’t fall off. I’ve heard stories about actors not taking care of things like they should but that’s rare. I work in the corporate world and explain to my talent what I’m doing and ask them to please let me remove the pack and mic after the shoot is finished. That way you avoid any potential problems.


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      Thank you for the information Mike. Now should I have any concerns with using a VHF/UHF mic when those frequencies keep being auctioned off?
      Wouldn’t it be better to go with a digital system?
      No knowing which frequencies are better than others, which model(s) would you recommend?
      Have you had any issues with clients breaking those long antennas?

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