Wireless mic choices – Sennheiser G3 or Sony UWP?

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      I'm ready to purchase a wireless mic kit with two transmitters, a lav mic and a receiver. Between Sennheiser EW-100 ENG G3 and Sony UWP-V6, both kits are about the same price ($750). I've read and watched reviews of both products — the Sennheiser is faster to setup and sync, but the Sony is all-metal construction with controls not behind a swinging battery door and dual antennas for better reception. Which would you choose (or which have you used) and why? Thanks!

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      I've used both and to be honest find it difficult to chose between them on either performance or construction. The buttons on the G3 can be broken if the pack is in a pocket and the person sits on a hard edge, where the buttons protruding a little take all the weight and do suffer a bit. On the other hand, the scan feature I never find useful. In my experience, all it does is tell you a channel is empty at that moment – so doesn't guarantee it will stay that way! I tend to use the banks, so if I'm only running one of the many I have, I turn it on, on the frequency it was last on – and only change if I hear something with the squelch backed off.  The scan I know people love, but for me – pointless. If you ever break anything – Sennheiser bits and pieces are easier to find, here in the UK. Shure's also annoy me with channel display rather than frequency – small point, but looking at a channel number doesn't make checking other people's gear simple.

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      If you can afford to increase your budget, I've never been disapointed with my lectrosonics wireless gear.  It's several hundred more but IMO it's wll worth it.  All-metal contstruction, RUGGED, and sounds great.   I bought my first unit about 15 years ago and got a second almost 6 years ago.  Both units working great.  I also swear by the bundled mics.



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      lectrosonic is popular in the States, but has only recently been introduced to the British market – so it's a bit less well know to us Brits. That said, it always seems to get good comments – BUT the price differential is a bit steep!

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