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      I am becoming a prankster with my friend and were on the rise. We have a canon vixia hfr52 camcorder. It has a 1/8" audio jack. Our old mic broke and we need a new one for $50 or less. We just need something that record at a good distance, easy to hook up to our camcorder, and has a lapel mic. We're looking for the whole system(mic,transmitter,receiver,etc.)

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      3.5 mm  audio jack not 1/8"

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      Good luck finding a wireless mic with transmitter/receiver/lapel mic for that price.  I'd say for a basic wireless system you're looking at $100 to $150, and even at that price point expect audio interference from time to time depending on shooting location.

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      Yea i noticed that when i researched them. We have some more money now and were looking at a budget of $100. I found a mic called the boya by-wm5 and it says its for dslr but will it work for a camcorder

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      You might scout around for a used system–you'll probably get a better unit that way.

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      Ive been trying amazon and ebay. Im just trying to get suggestions(links) to know what i should be looking at

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      Hi Shawn – you might want to consider stretching your budget a little for a $136 Sony ECM-AW4 Bluetooth wireless.  Unlike most conventional wireless mics, the Sony can also act as a 2 way communication system.


      Here is what this mic can do (the mic in the review is the older AW3 version – the AW4 is even better):





      Hope this is helpful and good luck!



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      Love it. Me and my friend checked it out and thats what were going to get. We found some for cheaper and its exactly what we needed. Thanks!

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