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      DigiPin 13 WL1 / WL2 product have a wireless LANC control of Sony, JVC, Canon, Blackmagic (and ALL lanc suported) camera! With this wireless LANC controller can easily manage the camera on the crane, gimbal, drone … For example, one person can operate the camera and a producer on a chair across the monitor operates controller!
      The advantages of this controller are:

      -80 Meter range in open space.
      -Since Record 1-5 cameras.
      -Fast And easy to use.
      -Precize Rocker type zoom (multi speed)
      -Reverse Direction zoom
      -Reverse Direction of focus
      -Focusing With zoom rocker
      -Focus far
      -Focus near
      -Focus car
      -Focus push
      Iris open
      Iris close
      Iris push
      -record star / stop for main channel or all cameras (two or more receivers WL2)
      for more read manuals …….

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