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      We all know that the use of headphones is an essential while filming and yet the headset cable is a nuisance – either too long or too short and it gets in the way. The bit of research into this area seems to leave out their application for camcorders – mainly for general sound sources and “multi-tasking”. Can anyone recommend a unit that will work with camcorders and give the freedom from cables. Will, for example, the Sennheiser RS 160 do the job?
      Thanks, Alexian

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      I would stay away from wireless for shooting, especially if you are using wireless mics. not to mention the specs are not that good.


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      Thanks Harry,

      that's the way it is and may have to stay.

      Blue Tooth headphones I think work on totally different frequencies to wireless mics so thought I might just get away without causing hassles.

      I havn't come across anyone who has tried this solution, they prefer wired headsets; but then again they also prefer wired mics to wireless.

      Just thought I'd ask in case anyone has had success.

      Best wishes, alexian

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