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      I’m having some issues with audio/video sync’ing.

      If you go here ( you can see an example of what I’m talking about.

      The volume is really low, but at this ( particular spot in the recording (about the :10 second mark) the issue is very apparent, even with the low volume.

      All I did was reduce the volume on the video to zero, and I added the same video as a music track.
      The first part of the video is sync’d pretty well, but as the video progresses it gets noticeably worse.

      As you can see, even at the part that I pointed out, the audio indicators are pretty much in-sync, which has me baffled as to why this is happening.

      Any ideas as to why this is happening or (more importantly) how I can fix this?

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      Not sure you can fix that with Windows Moviemaker. You will probably need a more advanced NLE and/or audio plugins.
      Did you extract the audio from the video first? CODECs, frame rates, compression, etc. can be an issue when converting video and audio. Make sure the audio is using the same specs as the audio in the video file itself.

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      May I ask what type of video file are you putting in to movie maker? Because it probably is a compatible issue that you are dealing with. Before you import your video clip or clips into movie maker make sure that your video clip(s) are in wmv. If they are not, convert them to wmv by going to the freemake video converter website then downloading it then convert your video clip(s) to wmv in that app. Then import your new wmv video clip(s) in movie maker and add your audio (music) then save/publish your video and the audio and video should be in sync.

      Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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