Width changed in adobe premiere pro cs6

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Hello  everyone.


Im really panic right now. I have to deliver an assigment tomorrow, and a video aswell. When i started to edit my video, it was correct resolution, as you see on the left side:




If you look at the right side, the video is now quadratic instead of widescreen. Im new at adobe premiere pro, so i must have pushed a button somewhere, or something. Can anyone help me, vhange it back, so i also have widescreen on the right side?


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make a new sequence and set it to your original shooting settings. Then drag the old (wrong) sequence into the new one. When premiere asks if you want to change settings click no. Sounds like your sequence settings got a little confused, Or if you dragged a sequence into another with incorrect settings. Nice feature for doing DVD and Bluray from a single master timeline.





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I would agree, somehow you changed the sequence settings. What does it say when you look at the settings?