Wide Angle Video for Recording Sports

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      Hi all,


      I'm looking for something quiet specific but don't know if it's possible without spending a lot of money. I'm looking for suggestions for a setup that would allow me to record soccer games in one wide angle shot, without needing to move the camera at all, and without too much distortion of the field.


      There's a professional quality product available called Match Analysis that seems to use multiple cameras and stitch them together. the final result is this:



      Is something similar possible with more consumer level cameras? Is there a single camera that would work without needing to stitch together multiple video from separate cameras? 


      The end goal is to be able to use the footage for coaching purposes, viewing team shape, etc.

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      You could get a Panasonic GH4, or similar camera, that shoots footage in 4K, and pair it with a wide angle lens.  For an even wider angle with said GH4, you could also get a Micro 4/3 to EF mount speed booster from Metabones, and pair it with a wide angle EF mount lens.  Then, in post, you can digitally zoom in on what you want to see.

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