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      I had another post going but it won’t let me copy and paste into the comment section (if you can tell me what’s up with that thank you). So thank you to brunerww for your help.

      I’m buying a Panasonic X920 and need advice regarding a wide angle lens. First is the dumb newbie question: Is the view wider as the number goes down (.5x is wider than .75x) or the other way around?

      I need a good wide angle lens for my day job which includes filming very large roofs (think shopping mall size huge). I’m intending to buy the X920. I’ve seen the cheapie kits on amazon but I understand those can bring in artifacts on the sides. I did find the Panasonic 0.75x Wide Angle Lens Conversion for $199 at BH Photo Panasonic 0.75x and they also listed the Raynox HD-6600PRO-49 Wide Angle Conversion Lens (0.66x) at $139 Raynox
      I should note that the ability to zoom with the lens would be nice but is secondary.

      Because this is for my day job and the footage will actually be viewed by people lol I feel for the price spread I should get the best one. Can you advise me?


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      Looney_Tunes, the view gets wider as the number grows smaller (.50x is wider view than .75x). I don't have any knowledge about those lenses but I have heard from a number of contributers on this sight that the people at BH Photo are very good. I would suggest calling them and asking them. Good luck and keeping shooting.

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      Hi looney_tunes – you might want to take a look at this video from Panasonic guru Graham Houghton in the UK:







      Graham recommends either the $117 0.8x Minolta ACW100 or the $88.70 0.7x Digital King DSW Pro with a $5 49mm to 58mm step up ring for best results with the X920.


      Again, hope this is helpful!



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      Thanks a million guys. Isn't the internet great? Ask question = save $$$ & mistakes

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