Wide Angle Lens?!?!

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      Ok, I am shooting video for real estate.  I have a Canon Vixia camcorder.  I also have lens sizes: 0.7x  ,  0.5x,  0.43x.  The 0.43x is awful (fisheye) the 0.5x is the best but still wont capture the entire room.  Why do I see people doing real estate videos and capturing the entire room WITHOUT vignetting?  I feel this secret eludes me.  I cannot find a lens attachment that captures the whole room in HD like a 14-18mm photog camera would.  Are people using DSLRs?!

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      I shot with wide adapters, but the problem you are having in real estate videos isn't how wide your lens is, video invlove movement, you can shot with a modest wide lens and slowly pan the camera,

      this will make your footage a little more dramatic and as you slowly pan the camera the viewer will be builing anticpation about "what's around that corner, or what's next when the subject is not moving, move the camera.

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      [quote=TruTour] Are people using DSLRs?![/quote]


      Yes. A full frame sensor camera with a nice wideangle lens will capture a lot more of the room. When I got started in the comercial world, I started at realestate videos and photography as well. A 5Dmk2 and a 35mm lens captured so much of the room without fisheyeing or distortion. 


      Good luck!

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