wich one should I choose? 1000$ ish video camera. lx100, 7d, 70d, gh3, bmpcc?

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      I am planning to buy a new camera primarily for run and gun video, however I do want to be able to create some more pro video's as well.

      – I am looking for a camera in the +- 1000 ish range.
      – I am planning to spend no more than 2000 dollars.
      – I have been looking at these camera's:

      1. panasonic lx100
      2. blackmagic pocket cinema camera
      3. canon 70d
      4. canon7d
      5. Panasonic lumix gh3

      Does anyone have a better suggestion for a camera?

      From what I found:

      1. The lx100 seems to me like a great package, but the ("jittery") auto focus in videomode seems useless , and the 4k mp4 video format looks like it has a lot of compression.
        how does the dynamic range compare to the rest? also it has no audio input.
      2. The BMPCC seems to have fantastic video quality, but has a bad battery, needs expensive cards, and the audio is poor. color correcting is essential. no live auto focus or any autofocus with many lenses. manual focus pulling often required (of course no stills)
        I do like the mft lensmount! I can use my old lenses and buy new cheap lenses.
      3. the canon 70d seems to have great autofocus in video mode, but poor video quality, a lot of compression. reasonable dynamic range. I will have to buy new lenses though.
      4. the canon 7d is a bit more expensive, autofocus is not as good as the 70d?
        I will have to buy new lenses. what are your experiences with the 7d for video?
      5. the lumix gh3, seems good but not fantastic, the audio is poor, video has some compression. manual focus pulling often required.
        I will have to buy new lenses.

      what would be the best choice?
      Does anyone have a better suggestion for a camera?
      the lx100, is it any good?

      Currently I have a Pentax k10d for stills, so in terms of stills pretty much all newer camera's would be an upgrade. (bmpcc aside;)


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      I forgot to also mention the 600d wich has become quite cheap 2nd hand on ebay.

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      I have the 70D and just bought the BMPCC…    The 70D is kind of a "closed package", I mean, you start shooting from the store with a kit lens…  Quality is good.  Th BMPCC is another world…   You will need a cage+ viewfinder in case you want see what you´re filming! Check the Retroflex. Extra batteries, many!!! Lenses…. Pan 12-35mm 2.8 is great, but 800$…  Oh, and many fast cards!!! πŸ™‚   BUT, it´s a nice toy to play with!! πŸ™‚

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      I'm shooting with the LX100, and I'm pretty pleased. The 4K works well for me–I haven't seen any artifacting. Color is good if you calibrate properly, and I like having the ability to reframe in post. One caveat: I'm not shooting for broadcast–I use a larger camera for that type of work.


      I don't use autofocus, so I can't address any issues about jitter, but the camera does have a number of settings to fine-tune its autofocus, and I suspect they may take care of that issue.

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      Thanks for your reply!
      Sorry I react so late.
      Its good to hear from someone who has both of those camera's!
      I already figured the bmpcc would need a lot of bells and whistles to make it work properly.
      I think maybe I would prefer a more run and gun style camera, so I will look into the 70d.
      All with all I think the bmpcc would become a more expensive choice once you add all the accessories.
      Thanks a lot for your comment.


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      Thanks Mr. Hiker,

      I have looked into the lx100 a little bit more, and it looks like a very attractive package to me (beautiful lens etc.)
      The lx100 has no audio input (so I read) but Its better to record externally anyways. What do you use?
      And of course >4K< πŸ™‚ Rocks!!
      I might just have to get better at focussing manualy. Had to get better at that anyways.
      lx 100 might just be a winner.

      thanks for your reply by the way,

      realy helps me out.


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