Wich Camcorder? Panasonic Af101, or maybe a dslr?

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      Hi everybody i'm looking for a camera to shoot some short.
      I'm italian, so i say "sorry" from now if i will do some mistakes 
      First i was undecided between canon 6d and 5d mark III, then i discovered that fore the same price, or a bit more, i can have products that shoot sharper video. I looked for blackmagic camera, but i'm afraid of the clip's weight.
      Then i found a used Panasonic AF 101 with 40mm f1.8 Konica Hexanon, 57mm f1.4 Konica Hexanon, Tokina 28-85 F3.5-4.5 AT-x, sunagor super maxima 28-200 f3.5-5.3 and 70-210 3.5 vivitar series for 3000 € (4045$), for a new one in Italy the cost is 3000€ without accessories or lens.
      Another camcorder i'm considering is sony fs100, but is more expensive.
      In the end i saw a comparison between mark III and gh3 and i said "wow", the cost of a gh3 is 1250€ (1650 $ only the body). i found that the video shoot with gh3 was sharper and more detailed.
      I'm very confused for my choice and i need help, a big point is dslr or normal camcorder? and what others camcorder have i to consider?
      I want to shoot some short with a great video quality, and maybe some documentaries. I'm searching for a product with deatailed and sharp image and a good autofocus system.
      (i've a crazy idea, canon 6d+gh3 with canon lens adaptor, so i can use gh3 for video and 6d for photography and maybe also video, or there are any good product where i can use canon ef lens (apart blackmagic camera)? )
      My budget is aroud 5000 € (6700$) including accessories and lens
      Thankyou a lot
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      Hi olga – your English is wonderful – a lot better than my Italian!


      I would get the Panasonic GH3 with the 14-140 lens for 1731€ from Amazon Italia and save the rest of my money for lenses, lighting and quality mics and sound.


      I own this camera, and it can produce amazing video and stills.


      Here is what the GH3 can do:


      Here is what still shooters are doing with it: http://www.flickr.com/groups/gh3/pool/
      I hope this is helpful and good luck with your decision!



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      I have GH2 hacked to shoot 140Mbps.  I agree, buy the GH3, or even buy 2!!!  Buy good tripods.  Remember, a 14-140 lens on GH3 is 35mm equal to 28-280mm.  For very wide angle, look at less than 14mm.  You can get adapters for almost any lens mount, so if you already have Canon, Zeiss, or Nikon lenses, buy the adapters.  But remember, some lenses will be 2X, and some 4X as 35mm equal.  They will be 2X because of Micro 4/3 chip size, and 4X because adapter acts like extension.  The f-stop on lens built for M4/3 is not changed, but if an adapter is used, that also will double.  A 1.8 lens will become 3.6.  This does not change recommendation for GH3, buy it!!  Just know 35mm equal so you can compare.  But look at images, quality, large dynamic range, low light, then add GH3 dust and water sealed body and overall quality.  You must pay over $5,000 to get a better camera, and maybe over $10,000.  To look professional, add a 15mm rail with matte box and follow focus, put on a good tripod, add a 7 inch monitor and you will look like shooting a professional movie.  You could buy 2 cameras, lenses, rail systems, tripods, and still be in budget.

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      Thanks a lot for your precious advices. I will buy the gh3!!

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