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why sony pxw-x160 videos always look foggy?

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    Hi All,

    I purchased a sony pxw-x160 few months ago but since I am unhappy with the result. All video footage from this camera look foggy and washed out. I first though the lighting were bad. I invested some money in good light but issue remains. If I increase the ligh power, it will add more fog. If I decrease I will get lot of noise. I have tried different aperture from 1.6 to 5. I also tried different white balance (Auto and manual WB with white sheet.
    I really need help to understand what is going on and fix the issue.

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    I don’t know if this has been published.

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    I have an NX5U, which has essentially the same controls. Take a look at the menu to see how the gain is set up. Your problem sounds like limitations on gain may be conflicting with your iris settings. Also make sure the ND filter switch is set to Clear, too. I’ve bumped this switch when putting my camera into a case and had a heck of time later figuring out why things look so dark.

    Do you have the same problem in Auto and Manual? If so, try calling Sony’s professional division in California and speak with one of their techs. They were very helpful when we had set-up problems with our X70.

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    Thank you Jack. I found out gain was out of control. it was going all the way to +18 db event in normal light situation. I did the camera reset and will try it as soon as possible.

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