Why is my image unfocussed when I go closer with my lens

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      So this is probably an easy question, but I don't know the terminology.

      When I wan't to film close to my subject and put my lens almost directly against it, I can't turn my focus ring back enough so that it gets sharp, unless I back up. What's this called?


      + The solution for this is probably a macro lens? Which one would you suggest for a Nikon camera?



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      Minimum focus distance is a term often used and all lenses have one. The physics of making lenses means that all lenses are compromises – being able to focus at infinity where light rays enter the lens virtually parallel and then very close to, where you could be talking about a divergence angle from the focal point of 90 degrees or more means lenses cannot do the entire range. Those that have a macro setting shift one or more elements internally to allow the close focus, but then cannot zoom – as the elements relationship to each other to work properly through the range has been disturbed. If your lens doesn't have macro, then a simple screw on macro lens will work, but the close focus distance will be very precise, and the depth of field limited. To get the right one just needs the thread diameter of your lens – probably 50-70 or so millimetres, depending on how large the front glass is. Size also impacts on price. for occasional use, a cheap one from amazon is worth trying before you spend serious money.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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